1966 Cadillac FLEETWOOD 75


1966 Cadillac FLEETWOOD 75
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1966 Cadillac Fleetwood 75

Pedigree Motorcars is very proud to offer this 15,000 mile 1966 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 Formal Sedan. For information and details contact Ken Baker at 561-866-1601.

Sometimes classic cars appear where their history is almost more interesting than the car itself. Depending on whether you are an enthusiast and a fan of its original owner or a Cadillac enthusiast, will determine what is more important to you This is quite a car, and quite significant car, lets first start with its history.

This 1966 Fleetwood 75 formal sedan has been owned by the same family since new. It is essentially a documented one owner car. Its original owner was the great Ernest Tubb. Ernest was a songwriter, movie actor, and long time Grand Old Opry star. He was known for being amongst one of the most influential and important country performers in history. He was inducted into the CMT Hall of Fame in 1965. Ernest passed away on September 6, 1984. We are told that this car was in his basement until March 23, 2016.

This car is extremely well documented. We have the original books with Mr. Tubbs familys information in it, the data card from Cadillac, and even a letter from the governor of Tennessee Allowing him to use a personalized license plate. We have the original letter from the governor not a copy. The books that we have are the original to the car and we even have the original keys. This car is so original, that the original spare tire was in the trunk We do not recommend ever using this tire.

When we found this car we were struck by its originality and its overall condition. When we performed our usual inspection on the car, our shop was amazed at how original everything in the car was. Only requiring some basic maintenance, charging the air-conditioning, and putting on a new set of modern radial tires And this Cadillac Fleetwood was read to go.

So far we have driven this car about 100 miles plan on driving it more. We are absolutely awestruck by how smooth it rides, and how unbelievably smooth the engine runs, and its overall performance. Both the front and rear air conditioning units blow hard and cold. The original radio still works and the electric antenna operates from the original radio controls. A second a.m. radio is in the rear compartment.

Everything in this Cadillac Fleetwood 75 works. Even the clock works Yes the clock actually works and keeps accurate time. All of the gauges are functioning as they should And every light bulb lights up. This Cadillac truly is a time capsule that needs to be seen to be appreciated. This car is so spectacular, it can be driven and enjoyed or shown with pride. This car surely would win in a preservation class at any Concours show. It also has the potential to be a senior AACA winner.

This is a completely unrestored original example. Yes, there are a couple of marks on it, and some areas where the paint has been touched up. However, these areas are so small we really cant photograph them. We also do not want to take away from this car is originality. The most to discriminating Cadillac enthusiast will appreciate this car in its entirety.

The Cadillac Fleetwood 75s were extremely rare. Two models were made. The formal sedan, as seen here, and the limousine. The biggest difference between them was the limousine had a division window, the formal sedan did not. There were other minor detailed differences, but the division window being the most prevalent. Most Fleetwood 75s were produced with the division window. Thats making the formal sedan the rarer of the two. Fewer than 600 were produced in 1966 and very few remain. Most of these were sold for commercial use, so to find one that was sold for private use and held onto by the family is almost impossible to find.

At Pedigree we show cars by appointment only. As with all of our cars, inspections are welcomed and encouraged. We have over 150 photographs that are available upon request. For additional information and contact Ken Baker at 561-866-1601.


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