1985 Jaguar XJ6 VANDEN PLAS


1985 Jaguar XJ6 VANDEN PLAS
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1985 Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plas

Pedigree Motorcars is proud to offer this very special 1985 Jaguar Vanden Plas. For details and information contact Ken Baker at 561-866-1601.

This is not a typical Jaguar that we are offering for sale. This 1985 Jaguar is for the collector, enthusiast, connoisseur who wants and appreciates absolute finest example known to exist. To replicate this cars quality, pedigree, and documentation is nearly impossible. If youre looking for the finest example of a Series III XJ6 Vanden Plas, then this may be exactly what youre looking for.

This 10,000 mile example has had one owner. The original owner of this car treated this it as his passion and hobby. The extraordinarily thorough documentation on this car shows that this gentleman had a genuine love for maintaining this car to the highest possible degree. Our documentation starts with a copy of the certificate of origin from Jaguar to the selling dealer. Every piece of documentation in the original purchase is preserved as well as every piece of maintenance history, and a literally everything hes done to the car throughout its life. In his passion for maintaining this car, he has shown at Jaguar Concour events more than a dozen times. We have copies of all of the judging forms including its most recent judging in October, 2017. The last time it was judged scored 99.97. From the records we have it never scored below a 97.93. These judging forms not only verify its history, but also how it has been maintained throughout its life. In this judging format, it is critiqued by Jaguar experts that are the most discriminating and look for the most minor flaws. This type of pedigree cannot be replicated. It is recorded in the JCNA records.

It goes without saying, that this Jaguar is 100 percent original. There is no evidence anywhere any paint work, damage, or any corrections ever made to it. As you can see in the photographs the black paint gleams against the flawless chrome. All of the moldings, gaskets, and pieces of trim are as they were in 1985. Inside, The doeskin leather is just magnificent. It virtually does not show any where. The carpets are magnificent as are the overlays. As expected, the wood is free of any cracks, chips, or flaws. Mechanically this car is just as magnificent as it is cosmetically.

The original alloy wheels have no flaws on them anywhere. Not a single scratch. Sitting on them are the original Pirelli P5 tires that this car came with. These tires were kept on for originality and when shown in a preservation class they add points. It should be noted, we do not recommend driving on these tires. To drive this car at low speed and short distances they are fine. However, we strongly advise against any long distance or high-speed driving on them.

As expected, accompanying this car or all of the books, keys, and accessories that it originally came with. We have a leather binder that has a plastic sleeve for every piece of documentation on the car. It is far too expensive for us to scan every piece of paper we have on it. As expected, this leather binder will go to the new owner along with everything else.

As with all of our Jaguars, this XJ6 was thoroughly inspected by the Jaguar Doctor in Boca Raton, Florida. Only minor work was needed to get it ready for sale. He described this car to us as without question, the finest Series III we have seen in the last 20 years.

Purchasing this car was not easy. On three separate occasions the seller changed his mind about letting it go. Once we made the final transaction, his wife proclaimed how are you going to live without your mistress? Such was the love he had for this automobile.

This Jaguar should go to a new home where will it will be preserved and appreciated the way it has been throughout its life. At Pedigree Motorcars we show cars by appointment only. Contact Ken Baker at 561-866-1601 to arrange your private showing. Many additional photographs are available upon request.


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4.2L I-6 MPI


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4.2L I-6 MPI
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