1986 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham


1986 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham
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When on a trip buying of a collection of classic Cadillac's, we found this incredible Fleetwood Brougham D'elegance. While not yet a classic, or even a rare or unique model, this car caught our eye for one reason, its stunning condition. Being Cadillac enthusiasts ourselves, we had to check it out. We were amazed that this 78,000 mile Fleetwood was in the condition it was in.

The paint is incredible along with the chrome, original end caps, original wheel caps, and the Elk grain vinyl roof. The exterior of the car looks beautiful and incredibly impressive. Inside, this car is almost beyond belief. Almost every inch looks like it's new. From the brightwork on driver's door switches, to the buttons on the seats, this car is truly impressive.

Along with the impressive condition and the elegant lines of this Fleetwood, every component in the car works exactly as it should. Even the memory seats and cruise control work perfectly! This fully equipped Fleetwood D'elegance has twin electric mirrors, twin six way power seats with a power recliner on the passenger side, leather, wire wheel discs, automatic door locks, Elk grain vinyl top, Opera lamps, premium sound with factory CB radio, cassette player, and leather covered steering wheel.

Driving this car is like going back in time, when a large rear wheel drive Cadillac was like nothing else on the road. The owner of our company has driven this car over 1,000 miles in the past month. Prior to us putting is on the road, it received a full service. We had the fluids changed, new belts, and because the AC was converted to 134a we installed an auxiliary fan to keep the ac cold in traffic. The car is an absolute pleasure and very reliable. We have driven the car problem free. We are comfortable that this car can be driven anywhere in absolute comfort and reliability.

The ride in this Fleetwood is incredible. Its just floats down the road with confidence. While having a soft ride, it's completely composed. This is the perfect highway cruiser.

Most of these Cadillac's were used up and thrown away. This has been perfect preserved and maintained. Having been driven an average of only 2,000 miles per year, this low miles example is an excellent opportunity. When looking at this car, you will think it's a 20,000 miles example. Even driving it makes the car feel younger than it is. There is no looseness or rattles anywhere.

Here is an opportunity to own a traditional flagship Cadillac at the price of an inexpensive pre owned economy car. We encourage prospective buyer to personally inspect this car.

There will be a time when these cars in this condition will be highly sought after. They will be incredibly difficult to find. This is an excellent opportunity to own this future classic at an affordable price and not have to invest any money into it. We have additional pictures and are happy to send them out upon request.


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Fleetwood Brougham


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