1990 Mercedes-Benz 420SEL


1990 Mercedes-Benz 420SEL
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Pedigree Motorcars is proud to offer this spectacular 1990 Mercedes-Benz 420SEL for sale. For information contact Ken Baker at 561-866-1601.

At Pedigree, the Mercedes we normally offer for sale are couples and convertibles. However when this 420SEL was offered to us we couldn't turn it away. It's just too good. We pride ourselves on offering these finest original spec affordable classics. In that, this 420SEL fits into the Pedigree stable. So if you ask, are they selling Mercedes sedans now? The answer is, only if they are REALLY good.

This 1990 420SEL is a special find. It literally defies its age. Although it is 24 years old with 150,000 miles on it, it doesn't look, feel or drive like it. Its clearly evident this has been a very well looked after example. The paint gleams, as does the chrome. There is no rust or bubbling anywhere on the body and from a couple of feet away, it almost looks new.

Inside, the leather shows no evidence of ever being died. It appears to be all-original and we believe this to be the case. Not only do the seats look great, they have all of their original firmness. They are supportive and all of the electric adjustments on the front seats work as they should. In the back, the large bench seat is still firm and comfortable. Everything is the interior of this car is in amazing condition. From the carpets, to the headliner, to the wood veneer, this highly original Mercedes is truly impressive.

Upon purchasing this 420SEL, we started driving it evaluate its mechanical condition. It's tight, smooth, rattle free, and everything in the car works. Literally everything. The vacuum door locks on all doors, trunk, and fuel door operate as they should. The doors are also all unlocking as designed. The Air conditioning is cold and blows out of all the vents. All of the speeds on the AC system are functioning. When we were driving in traffic, the engine temperature never got above normal. When out on the highway, it was smooth and stable. We tried out the cruise control and as expected, it performed perfectly. As expected, all of the lights are working including the amber front driving lights. We can go on and on, but you get the idea.

In getting this Mercedes ready for sale, we had the car serviced. Included in the work we did:

Transmission Service
Four new tires
New steering shock
Replaced broken motor mounts
New Center Link
Wheel Allignment
Window Regulator
We had a full inspection performed and had all of the recommended work done to ensure safe, reliable driving for its new owner. It's now turn key and ready to be enjoyed.

Included with the purchase of this 420SEL are:

Original set of books, including service, owner's manual, radio code card, AC instructions and hang tags
Four Custom Floor mats
Original Keys (2)
Clean Car Fax
Documentation of work we performed

While certainly not new, this car is one that has defied the odds. Most of these cars are gone or in terrible condition. Considered by many enthusiasts to be the last great S-Class Mercedes-Benz, this is an opportunity to own one of the great ones at an affordable price.

At Pedigree, we show cars by appointment only. Contact us to arrange your private showing of this impressive 420SEL.


Engine Type
Engine Size
8 Cylinder Engine


Body Color
Black Pearl
Body Style




Interior Color
Palomino Leather
Seat Material
Center Console
Engine Size
8 Cylinder Engine
Transmission Type
Body Style
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