1986 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur

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1986 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur
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Pedigree Motorcars is proud offered this magnificent 1986 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur. For details and information to contact Ken Baker at 561-866-1601.

This unique Rolls-Royce was originally purchased to be part of our private Pedigree Collection. As with all of our acquisitions to be part of the Pedigree Collection a car must be all original, low miles, and in exquisite condition. This Silver Spur meets or exceeds all of those requirements.

We were originally struck by its unique color combination of Light Oyster over Dark Oyster two-tone with a Cream everflex top and a Magnolia interior with Dark Brown piping and carpets. The two-tone color combination really accentuates the lines of the Silver Spur in a very elegant fashion. To the best of our knowledge everything is all original and has been extremely well stored. Many of the areas where these cars show wear overtime do not reflect in this car.

Prior to our purchasing it, it had been sitting over a dozen years. As expected, extensive service was required to get it on the road again. As with all of the cars in the Pedigree Collection, no detail was overlooked. Today, this is one of the finest running and driving Silver Spurs we have ever experienced. The extensive list of maintenance that we had performed includes:

• Change oil and filter
• Replace spark plugs, ignition wires, air filter, fuel filter
• Replace coolant
• Replace thermostat
• Replace upper and lower radiator hoses
• Replace water pump
• Replace battery
• Repair wiring harness to the rear windows
• Replace right front window motor and regulator
• Replace drivers' side window motor
• Charge air conditioning and replace compressor seals
• Replace airbox
• Adjust parking brake
• Replace fuel tank sending unit
• Replace rear springs and accumulators
• Replace right front wheel bearing and hub
• Replace wiper blades
• Replace wiper motor
• Replace coolant temperature switch
• Replace left rear motor mount
• Replace fuel accumulator and hoses
• Replace fan relay
• Replace fuel return hose
• Replace steering rack
• Install four new tires
• Replace fuel dampener, check valve, fuel line
• Replace all instrument panel bulbs
• Repaired glove box door stop trim
• Repair left and right side rear view mirrors for vibration
• Replace all four stereo speakers with new Alpines
• Replaced shift handle assembly

In total, over $21,000 was spent on maintenance in our preparation of this car. No detail was overlooked. We have driven this car over 1000 miles since the maintenance work has been completed and it is an absolute total pleasure. We will continue driving it so contact us to verify updated mileage. As expected, we have documentation on all of the work we performed.

The original owners of this car never altered anything on it. It's still retains:
• original radio
• cell phone antenna
• Cell phone handset in the front armrest
• plug-in for the cell phone handset in the rear armrest
• all of the original Motorola cell phone hardware in the rear compartment
• Four lambs wool rugs
• Two rear seat foot rests
• Original Yale Master keys
• Original Rolls-Royce key fob
• Original set of owner's books
• Window sticker

And all are in excellent condition

As expected, the Carfax is clean and it is free of any accident history.

This Rolls-Royce Silver Spur is now being offered for sale. This is a special car for the discriminating buyer who only wants the best. Typically these cars will need tens of thousands of dollars of work to be done to them to be able to enjoy them. We have done all of that work so what we present here is a turnkey original example.

At Pedigree Motorcars We show cars by appointment only. Contact Ken Baker at 561-866-1601 to arrange your private showing or inspection.


Engine Type
Engine Size
6.75 Liter V8


Body Color
Body Style


Silver Spur


Interior Color
Seat Material
Center Console
Engine Size
6.75 Liter V8
Transmission Type
3-speed automatic transmission
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